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Past Events

#World Save Eman Day

We launched World Save Eman Day on June 23rd 2023 to raise awareness about eman needs for refugees and asylum seekers.

Eid Party 2023

What a phenomenal day we had on May 14th, celebrating the 5th year of achievements of our refugee clients at our Eid Celebration and Quran recital!! Masha’Allah. Hosted by Zubeda Welcome Volunteers. At Muslim Welfare House, London.

Zubeda Welcome For READ Foundation: October 2022

Seven of our young beneficiaries took part in the “Big Read” challenge 2nd year in a row to help us raise the vital sponsorship funds needed for the orphans Ehtesham, Muhammad and Nazara.

Pen Y Ghent Trek For Madrasa Fees August 2022

Our CEO Atia Lokhat did the Pen Y Ghent Trek to raise funds for Refugees Madrasa Fees. This Pen Y Ghent trek was a whopping 13 km, with “Muslim Hikers”, on Aug. 27th.

Walking 1000 km for Refugees Madrasa Fees: January-April 2022

Our CEO Atia Lokhat walked 1000km in 103 days to raise money for refugee kids madrasa fees, Alhumdollilah!

Eid Party and Quran Recital May 2022

Each year we hold a Eid gathering and Quran recital for our beneficiaries to celebrate the children’s achievements and to offer updates about the work we do. It also gives our donors a chance to get involved and be more “hands on” in their giving through helping to organise and sposor the event. Moreover, it gives the beneficiaries the opportunity to personally thank some of our loyal supporters and donors who are invited.