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Zakat Policy

Zubeda Welcome Zakat Policy

Updated March 9, 2024

Paying zakat is an important obligation upon Muslims who satisfy certain criteria. Once zakat becomes obligatory upon an individual, they must ensure that they fulfil the duty of zakat in the correct manner. It is for this reason, we at Zubeda Welcome, take extra care when handling the zakat of our donors. We have implemented a rigorous four stage process to ensure that zakat donations received by us reach only those who are valid recipients of zakat.
Below is the four-stage process we apply.
1. Financial Assessment.
2. Classification.
3. Establishing Agency.
4. Implementation.

Financial Assessment:

The first of our four stages is to assess whether or not the applicant for funding is a valid recipient of zakat. This will be assessed by gathering and checking relevant documentation such as bank statements, income records, expenses, debts amongst others. An applicant will be deemed a valid recipient of zakat if their zakatable assets as well as their non-zakatable assets excluding essentials, fall below the nisab threshold.
This assessment will initially be checked by our case workers. If they are satisfied that all relevant documentation has been provided, they will advance the application to our… panel which is overlooked by a shari’ah advisor.


Based on the outcome of step one we will classify the applicant as either eligible for zakat and non-compulsory donations or only non-compulsory donation.


If the applicant is classified as eligible for zakat they appoint ZW as their agent to receive zakat on their behalf and will also appoint ZW to utilise collected funds to pay the applicant’s madrasah fees.


Once the initial three stages are completed ZW will liaise with the madrassah directly and arrange for the applicant’s fees to be paid from the funds collected by ZW on their behalf. ZW will then continue to liaise with the madrassah for as long as the applicant is receiving funding from ZW.

Zakat donations will only be used to pay madrasah fees and in exceptional circumstances, transportation costs to/from madrasah and/or counselling sessions if recommended by the child’s madrasa teacher to improve his/her academic progress.

*For further enquiries about our zakat policy please contact our office.