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Zubeda Welcome is a registered non-profit charity set up to support refugees in the UK. We are all volunteers. Our niche focus is to support vulnerable refugees and asylum seeker children to help them retain their faith.
We collaborate with madrasas, charities and other organisations to help identify vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers who are unable to access an Islamic education.

Madrasa Fees For Refugees Cycle

We use various strategies to facilitate this, through fundraising or coordinating free or discounted places with local madrasa Institutions.
For refugees who’ve already lost everything and have arrived at our doorsteps with nothing but their eman (faith) we help to preserve this last legacy so they can pass it onto their children. We believe having one’s faith provides the essential tools for coping and overcoming hardships.
This is Mariam who started with us at age 4. With Zubeda Welcome financial assistant she had access to a good quality Islamic Education and on her way to memorising the Quran!
Group photo taken with 52 of our beneficiaries at our annual Eid Party and Quran recital, May 2022 at Muslim Welfare House, London.
For vulnerable refugees who were forced to flee their country and arrive to UK with nothing but their eman, Zubeda Welcome helps them retain this one last legacy to pass onto their children.

help retain the faith of refugees