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Frequently Asked Questions

All refugees and asylum seekers in the UK any gender, from age 5-16 who are not able to access an Islamic education due to financial challenges or other challenges as a direct result of their refugee or asylum seeker status.
Yes you can do the research to find a madrasa nearest to you, most convenient to travel to and reasonably priced and include this information in your application form. We also have sadaqa and general donations.

Most of our funds are zakat donations therefore we give preference to those who are zakat eligible (Please refer to our zakat policy) however we also have some sadaqa donations so those who are not eligible for zakat but still struggling to pay for their kids madrasa fees are encourage to apply.

We have some volunteers who may be able to assist in Arabic or Pishto, depending on availability. Please contact us to enquire about our translation services. We may also have a transcribed application form in the language you require so please to ask.
We welcome all the support we can get from institutions who want to offer free places. Please contact us for more information. You can go to our “apply” page on our menu to complete the due diligence form, this would give you more information.
We are looking for sponsors for large number of refugees and asylum seekers as well as partners who will work with us in our fundraising initiatives, events and campaigns. Please do get in touch.