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#World Save Eman Day

We are launching #World Save Eman Day on June 23rd 2023 to raise awareness about eman needs for refugees and asylum seekers.

What did you do (or will be doing) to support refugees and asylum seekers to support our campaign?


This year, on the Friday of Refugee week we launch the first ever #WorldSaveEmanDay to raise awareness about the essential eman (faith) needs for refugees, e.g. mosques, madrasas, abayas, jilbabs, Quran’s, prayer mats, hijabs, community gatherings etc.


To help vulnerable refugees retain their eman, and be reminded about and be comforted by The Most Compassionate and Merciful (Quran 1:1)


  • Donate “eman need” items to local refugees
  • Plan an Eid gathering for refugees
  • Invite refugees to your local mosque
  • Make it the topic of your Khutbah/Speech
  • Sponsor a refugee child’s madrasa fees
  • Display our poster & do a “shout out” on your socials
  • Share your #WorldSaveEmanDay stories on our blog:
  • Remember to hashtag #WorldSaveEmanDay, like & share
  • Get influencers on board and use all your media channels!
  • Email us your logo and we will add it to our Unity Poster  on #WorldSaveEmanDay:
  • Continue your initiatives even after Refugee Week ends

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