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Social Media Consent 

Please understand and sign.
Participation as a contestant will be required for social media consent.

Sharing your personal stories and positive outcome of donations from ZW with donors will increase our funds and be able to provide more children help with madrasa support so we really appreciate if our beneficiaries, supporters, volunteers, employees and partners give us permission to share media with donors and the general public for this purpose, Insha’Allah.

  • I understand that the materials I have consented to will be used in promoting the work of Zubeda Welcome
  • I understand that photographs, film stills, or case study taken of me will be stored and retained by Zubeda Welcome
  • I understand that the materials I have consented to may be used in a variety of formats and platforms including but not exclusive to; publications (both printed and online), leaflets, posters, presentations, advertising and web sites (including external social media websites).
  • Distribution of these materials may be geographically diverse and general public may see the materials. Both text and images may be edited to enable use in a variety of formats, but this will not change the sentiment of the views expressed therein. 
  • I am aware that materials will be held indefinitely but I can ask for any materials of my child to be removed at any time by contacting Zubeda Welcome. I understand that appropriate steps will be taken to remove materials on request, but it may not be possible to stop their use completely. I hereby give my informed consent for the materials to be used as set out above.

*For clarification purposes the use of the term ‘materials’ refers to any or all of the following:

  • Text/articles/statements supplied by the individual
  • Photographs
  • Film footage
  • Audio Files
  • Film stills