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Support us to help refugee children in the UK retain their Muslim identity by teaching them Quran.

Support A Refugee Child's Islamic Education This Ramadan

Many refugee children across the UK are on the verge of losing their connection to Islam, risking the loss of their spiritual identity amidst the challenges of displacement.

The thought of these young souls drifting away from the teachings that offer comfort and guidance in their lives of upheaval is deeply troubling. Without access to Islamic education, they face a growing disconnect from their cultural and spiritual heritage.

Donate this Ramadan. Help us offer crucial Islamic education to these children. Your support helps them stay connected to their faith and identity. Act now to preserve their Muslim identity.

Meet Hussein

Hussein, like many refugee children, faced the risk of losing his connection to Islam and his cultural identity in a new country.

Without support, these children miss the sanctuary and guidance the Quran offers, deepening their sense of loss and disconnection.

This Ramadan, your donation to Zubeda Welcome can light up a child’s life with the Quran’s teachings, offering them a sanctuary of faith and identity. Join us in gifting this enduring light.

“We send the Quran as healing and mercy for those who believe” – (Quran 17:82)

The Quran is the best source of comfort and healing that human beings can seek. Together let’s provide refugee and asylum seeker children that now call the UK their home, a strong connection with Ar-Rahman – the Most Merciful.

“Even when they [the children] are sick, I tell them rest, don't go in today, but they wake me up and tell me they want to go [to madrasa]. That's a blessing Alhamdulillah. I want my children to love Islam and the Quran and this madrasa is helping me achieve that goal in a very beautiful way.”

See How Your Kindness Transforms Lives

Many children, eager to learn and grow in their faith, face obstacles that could keep them from attending madrasa and connecting with their Islamic roots.

Imagine their determination to learn about Islam, so strong that not even illness can hold them back. Yet, without support, their enthusiasm and potential could go untapped.

Your donation can change that. By giving to our cause, you fuel their passion for learning and help keep their dreams alive. Become a part of their journey and a hero in their eyes with your generous gift today.

Teach a refugee child Quran

Help refugee children in the UK retain their Muslim identity by supporting their Islamic education.

Be Their Hero
This Ramadan

Help refugee children in the UK retain their Muslim identity by supporting their Islamic education.

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Zubeda Welcome is a registered non-profit charity set up to support refugees in the UK. We are run by volunteers. Our niche focus is to support refugees with madrasa fees to help them retain their faith.

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