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Our Madrasa Delivery Partners

Here is a list of some of our madrasa delivery partners

List of some delivery partners we have collaborated with over the last 5 years:

Iqraa Institute (Hackney, London)

Al Fath School (London)

Tayibbun Institute (East London)

Al Ola School (London)

Imtiaz School

Alim Live Institute

Yomna Arabic School

Yusuf School

List of those who have recently joined:

Faizan-E-Islam (Walthamstow, London)

Barnet Islamic Centre (Barnet, London)

Colingdale Mosque/Madrasa (Colingdale, London)

Stevenage Islamic Centre (Stevenage, London)

The City Retreat (Leicester) 


Details about the 5 week program:

This summer Faizan-E-Islam has been collaborating with Zubeda Welcome to deliver a summer madrasa program specifically designed for the refugees and asylum seeker children living 10 minutes walking distance away. 

The program is run by qualified staff and provision and progress are monitored by Zubeda Welcome. The tuition fees are fully funded by Zubeda Welcome – thanks to our generous donors! So far 30 children have enrolled!