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InstitutionDue Diligence Form

Institution Due Diligence Form

The Due Diligence Form is completed by Institutions identified toact as providers of Islamic Education (madrasa) services and due to receivepart or full educational feesfor children attending Madrasa classes fromZubeda Welcome. This form provides an opportunity forZubeda Welcome to assess and verify Institutions, to determine the feeasbilty and appropriateness of funding. Please be advised that Zubeda Welcomemay be required to carry out checksfor monitoring and security purposes. Zubeda Welcome will always retain any personal details securely.
Reference checks are a standard part of our volunteer selection process. Please provide the name and contact details of two people who are not family members and who are willing to act as referees for your chosen voluntary work position. One reference should come from an professional (For example, a lawyer, doctor, dentist, teacher etc).
Reference 1:
This is optional but it would help us to understand what skills and experiences you have which would be applicable to our organisation.
Provide any other documents or certificates you feel would be relevantn to this application form.
I certify that the information supplied in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I accept the conditions and undertakings requested in process including reference checks, an interview and Disclosure and Barring information check, if required. I agree to attend volunteer meetings and training as required to ensure successful growth and day to day running and development of Zubeda Welcome.