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Living in rental property

The Madrasa you are applying for: (Skip if not known)
Personal Statement:
Provide a detailed statement outlining the reasons why you need financial assistance.
Descendent of the Prophet (SAW):
Zakat Eligibility
Provide the names of any children or dependents living with you who financially depend on you for their needs in addition to the child (children) you included in the previous section:
Savings and Assets
Provide full details of ALL savings and assets you have:
Provide full details of ALL income you have received over the past 6 months:
Provide full details of ALL your outgoing expenses:
Loans and Debts:
If funded and as part of the funding process, we ask all parents and guardians to commit to supporting their child in accessing and excelling with their Islamic Education. As part of the application process the following commitments are agreed;
Zubeda Welcome Commitments
Zubeda Welcome commitments to;
Funding the agreed amounts for the agreed periods to support your child’s Islamic education through payment of invoice directly to the Madrasa provider
Liaising with the Madrasa to ensure supported children are enrolled.
Monitoring the Madrasa and your child’s attendance and performance.
Listening to any queries, feedback or even complaints from parents, students, or any stakeholders.
And trying our upmost best to deal with and take corrective action where needed and possible.
Parent and Guardian Commitments
As a Parent or Guardian working with Zubeda Welcome, we request you ensure;
your child attend Madrasa classes regularly.
your child attend classes on time and with the right equipment.
Support the madrasas efforts to maintain proper behaviour.
Support your child whenever needed at home.
Talk and work with the madrasa and teachers to support your child’s learning.
Support Zubeda Welcome where possible and willing, through completing surveys or questionnaires, and other marketing and fundraising needs
Give permission for ZW’s Team to act as an agent and have access to your child school records, teachers reports and attendance registered at any time.
Give permission for ZW’s Team to act as your agent and pay your child’s fees on your behalf directly to the institution as stated in our zakat policy (please refer to our zakat policy).
Share updates of your child’s performance and progress when requested by ZW’s Team this may include providing materials evidence of your child’s work and progress. (For clarification purposes the use of the term ‘materials’ refers to text/articles/statements by you or your child, photographs of your child or your child’s work, film footage, audio files, film stills etc. used for internal office use only unless otherwise agreed with applicants in writing).
Reference checks are a standard part of our process. Please provide the name and contact details of 1 people who are not family members and who are willing to act as referees for your family and/or child. One reference should come from a professional (e.g. teacher, solicitor, GP, caseworker, Imam/scholar, etc.). We will make reference checks either by post, telephone or email.
Emergency Contact Details for the Child
Provide copies of your passport or relevant ID
Please do not close this window or leave this page until the form has been submitted and a "thank you" message appears otherwise you will need to restart the form